Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A great design could save a car company

America still loves cars (car companies might be another matter). The Post Office just issued Fins & Chrome stamps, the movie CARS did some business, and oil or no oil, America is still on wheels. Kids sketch cars in their notebooks and when they get older, slide under them in their driveways.

In our car script, STREAMLINED, three teenage misfits enter a car design contest. When their entry is wrecked, they make an amazing discovery and go on to victory with the help of Raymond Loewy, from on high, and the Lost Studebaker of 1964.

David is French, cocky and mechanical. Cullen is younger, an eager-to-please computer genius. Riley is a leggy sculptress from New York transplanted to South Bend, Indiana.

With the encouragement of a mysterious black gentleman driving a tricked-out Greyhound, they hook up with an engine designer named Ed, who in his grumpy way, teaches them as much about pride and excellence as about building cars.

When their concept car is destroyed, only the Greyhound remains. The kids learn its secret, then whirl onto the track, driving their magically inspired vehicle to a breathtaking climax.

Ross Stansfield and I are writers, filmmakers, and winners of a Telly for a short we made several years ago called OMNIFAX, which showed in New York and Los Angeles.

The great industrial designer Raymond Loewy's daughter Laurence recently died, but she supported this project.

Want to make a movie--celebrate a time and a car--and have some fun? Many people think the Lost Studebaker of 1964 could have saved the company. No gigantic bailout needed.

Coolness would have done it.

The filmmakers

ROSS STANSFIELD is a commercial photographer, filmmaker, and videographer in the Washington DC area. His clients include Cigna and Coca-Cola. He has also produced numerous videos and several films, including OMNIFAX, written by Star Lawrence, which showed in New York and LA.

Motion Pictures:

Loewy Loved Locomotives, Raymond Loewy Documentary, O. Winston Link Museum,
Director, Producer, Music Composer, Editor
Interact, HD video for show closer, Greg Berger, Top Secret Productions
Get Closer, 48 Hour Film Festival, DP, Awarded Best Cinematography, shared with
Brian Stansfield
National Guard PSA: coverage at Blue Cloud movie ranch for SAIC of PSA for the
National Guard, James Mangold Director
Odin Technology RFID 10 minutes Edit and some “B” roll
SOSI, 30 second recruitment spot, DP
Traffic is a Nightmare, political 30-second spot, Producer, DP, Editor
Pepco Energy Services HD Video and Live Webinar, DP & Editor
Rutherfoord Breakfast Club Kickoff, Video, DP & Editor
MIC Industries, Product Shoot, Digital Stills
Heartbeat of America, Location Shooting, DP
Last Man on Earth, 48 hour film, Dead City Films, DP
La Loup, DC Band Photos, Dead City Films, DP
You Gotta Believe! Documentary, DP and Camera
DogFish Head Beer spot, DP Second place Prize Winner
Understanding The Iranian Threat, Documentary, AFPC, DP & Editor
Barbizon Capitol, Promotional Film, Stills & Editor
NDU Graduation, HD Camera Operator
Buckin Blast Rodeo, Longview Communications, Editor
Page Five, 48 Hour film, Indie Upload.com, DP
Howard Entertainment, Promotional Video, DP & Editor
Valerie Moss & Associates, Promotional Films, Producer, Editor
Paid Too Much, Ted Britt Ford, TV Spots. Director, Producer, DP & Editor
Gluttons for Punishment, Congressional Mazda & VW TV Spots, DP & Editor
Cable News Ambush, Bill Page Honda TV spots, DP & Editor
Super Saturday, Regency Furniture TV spots, Editor
Greater America, Ron Scheman, Editor
Cigna Health Care Benefits, training video, DP & Editor
See Program Health Benefits Review, training video, Stills & Editor
E-Unit, Enterprise Car Rental, Promotional Film, DP & Editor
Working For The FBI, FBI Band, DP & Editor
FBI Band with Dan Akroyd & Skunk Baxter, Documentary, DP & Editor
North York Pa. 1938, Documentary, Editor
Patrick Sweeney, Olympic Rowing Contender Promotion, DP & Producer
Mike’s Train House, Promotional Video, Set, DP & Producer
Wheels of Learning, ABC Association Training Video, DP & Producer
Omnifax, 16mm B&W short, Director, Producer, won Telly Award
Night Songs, 16MM music video edited at the Post Group LA
Director, Producer

Still Photography:

Green Roof: Northern Virginia Roofing, three-month project on installation of Green
Roof in Washington DC
Homeland Security: Four-day coverage of International Conference in Pentagon City,
NRLCA Convention: weeklong photo coverage with team of seven in Lexington, KY
Bean Kinney and Korman: Portrait shoot of lawyers for website
American Combustion Industries: location shoots at four locations for Annual Report
and website
Rutherford Breakfast Club, Celebrity Stills of Rocky Bleier, Ron Jawarski, Pat Williams, Matt Eversmann (Black Hawk Down) etc.
Barbizon Capitol, stills of 30 Locations
Regency Furniture, stills
We’re Colorful, Corporate Press, Campaign, stills
NOWCC, Annual Report stills
Tour de Cure, American Diabetic Association, stills assignments
3rd Rail, Product Shoots of “O” Scale Locomotives, Sets and Stills 4 by 5
Ross Custom Switches, product shots, set & stills
Vie De France Mini Bake Center Brochure with set in studio shot 4 by 5 and 2 ¼
Burke & Herbert Bank stills shoot of board members with hand printed sepia prints
Regardie’s Magazine, stills assignments
Scholastic Magazine, stills assignments
Washingtonian Magazine, stills assignment
Business Officer (magazine), stills assignments
Electronic learning (magazine), stills assignments
Hosting Tech (magazine), stills assignments
Avanti Magazine, stills assignments
Coca-Cola Taste Test, stills
Pictorial History of Alexandria, Coffee Table Book, sills and photo copy
Port Packet Newspaper, Chief Photographer

For more on Ross's work and to see examples, go to: http://rsprod.com.

STAR LAWRENCE is a long-time script and medical writer, with one studio option (Citadel Entertainment). She wrote the Telly-winning short and numbers WebMD and Gannett among her clients past and present. Her health humor site is syndicated by Lexis-Nexis. Check it out at http://healthsass.blogspot.com. For more on her services, go to http://sunoasis.com/webjean.html.