Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The filmmakers

ROSS STANSFIELD is a commercial photographer, filmmaker, and videographer with many household-word clients. He has produced numerous videos and films, including a short titled OMNIFAX, written by Star Lawrence, which showed in New York and LA.


Loewy Loved Locomotives, Raymond Loewy Documentary, O. Winston Link Museum, Director, Producer, Music Composer, Editor

Last Man on Earth, 48 hour film, Dead City Films, DP

Night Songs, 16MM music video edited at the Post Group LA
Director, Producer

OMNIFAX, short, Telly Winner. Coproducer, codirector.
Still Photography:

For more details, go to http://rsprod.com.

STAR LAWRENCE is a long-time script and medical writer, with one studio option (Citadel Entertainment) for a CBS Movie of the Week.

She has written or co-written nine screenplays.

She wrote and coproduced the Telly-winning short OMNIFAX (hard-charging lawyers starts to get mysterious faxes).

She is now working on an animated project: Paw & Order, a kids' comedy version of the original with animal cops. See http://pawandorder.blogspot.com. She explored an option for this but could not come to terms.

For more details, go to: http://sunoasis.com/webjean.html.


donnabella said...

Hi, my daughter Fanny Elizabeth Karpman is 20 years old and bought a 1964 Studebaker Daytona last summer 2009 when she was 19. She loves her Studie ..Is this film made yet? She would love to be involved ..she has been an extra with her studebaker in montreal.. she lives in hudson , Quebec, canada her email is fannyelizabethkarpman@hotmail.com

Star Lawrence said...

No--we are still shopping it...sorry not to come to this site more often...thanks for writing.